Sunday, May 22, 2011

Far away friends keep me smiling.

Depending on how well you know me, it may be news to you that I am completely unattached to my phone. It is NEVER on ring, and takes me about a million years to get back to people because I rarely look at it. I suck, honestly I do.
But if there is one thing I truly love it is getting picture messages. I do not get them as often as I like, but they almost always make me smile ear to ear, or laugh out loud without hesitation.
This week I got so many great ones, I just had to share.
My friend E wanted to share with me that she also had to get new glasses.
My lovely friend Meg is in Hawaii (jealous for sure!) and I have been hoping she is wearing pretty flowers in her hair everyday, then I received this.
My dearest Lindsey of Yellow Button Bake Shoppe got to bake for a photo shoot this week, and I asked her to sneak me a photo on location. Man, I wish I was there!
Thank you to my dears who keep me smiling throughout the week. Hope you enjoyed my happy thoughts from last week, hopefully I will have more to show you after this coming :)
I'm off to take a few pictures so I have things to share with you in a bit!

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