Friday, May 6, 2011

For the bride.

My dear friend Sarah is getting married in just a few short months. You might remember her from our little photoshoot this past summer.
Well her shower is quickly approaching and I am lucky enough to be the creative mind behind it. We decided early on that she was going to have an Alice in Wonderland theme and it was just about starting to nail down a few details. Of course had vision upon vision streaming through my head, like journal pages full of ideas. I cannot wait to share the event with you when it comes.
I told her I really wanted to be in charge of hand making her invites. She thought I was crazy but it meant a lot to me to be able to do for her.
(please dont mind the pictures I finished them late at night, the colors are more beautiful in person)
On the back of the cards it tells where they are registered.
I was seriously obsessed with them. I am usually not so fond of my own work, but I have to admit I was pretty proud of these.
I dropped them off to her this past week and she loved them more than I could have hoped and couldn't believe all the little details which made me so very happy.
It is going to be such an excellent shower. I am so happy be apart of making my friends wedding dreams come true.
xoxo, bird.


  1. They are perfect. And I love them. And I love you.
    -Sarah Beth

  2. these are so beautiful J! great work!