Friday, May 27, 2011

Restyled: Take three.

hello from the garden state!
Well I am sorry I did not blog the last few days I have been crazy trying to get ready to make my way to my other home. So I am here, and it is only YA KNOW 90 degrees everyday. Literally, I feel as though I am melting.

Anyway, my lovely friend Joy recently moved into a magical house with some lovely girls. I am honestly quite jealous. Every nook and cranny is so exciting and they are quickly filling it with so many beautiful things.
I was lucky enough for her to show me some of the inspiration for the new place and of course my wheels started turning.
One of the things that stuck out to me were these mason jar hangings she had, this kind of idea.
Very cute I know, but I just did not have the materials or my wood cutting boyfriend around to help me. So I stated to look at what I DID have.
You wouldn't believe the amount of nonsense I have. Not even all my own doing, SO many people give me the most random things and usually say, "you can do something with this, right?". I generally look at it for a second and because I do not want to just throw it away I say ya, sure, I'll figure something out. This was one of those things..
Ugly, to me yes, not my taste in the least. You don't even really understand it even had this blue picnic ribbon around it that I couldn't wait to take off before I even took the picture. I just started tearing it apart.
After a lot of paint and sandpaper I am pretty happy with the turn out. I tried to make it fit the warmy feel of their house, I hope it will hold many beautiful things all through these summer months.
There are a few minor things I may add or change, I just wanted to see what she thinks first.

{Dear Joy, If you read this before I give it to you, I hope you like it, just really needed to blog:) Love, j}

Sorry again for my absence I do have things all lined up, so you should hear from me tomorrow, if not later today.
We are just together again and so happy.
ps. in the top picture my hair looks like it actually growing! yay!

xoxo j

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