Friday, May 6, 2011

For togetherness.

So my blogging is at an all time lack, I apologize. I am working 12 hour days and totally dead.
Thursday and Fridays will probably now be my blog days now and weekends when I can. Don't give up on me!

This past weekend I went to see boy this weekend. It was a super wonderful weekend.
Before I got there he picked me some flowers:)
The sun decided to join us, it was really happy.
People were playing music outside and we got to sit on the lawn and enjoy.
The art opening was truly amazing. I am lucky to know such talented people.
My earth mother Sarah, painted these while she was in Africa.
She also made this fantastic bench, I was obsessed with it!
Rachel's wall of all things beautiful.
My two beauties.
It started getting dark in there so I do not have the greatest pictures of everyones stuff. It was also SO crowded it was almost impossible to even take pictures. My friend Sally makes the MOST beautiful books I really wish I had pictures to share of them.
We had a fire that night and stayed up way too late chatting and enjoying each other. The next day was rainy and all we did was veg, it was really amazing to all be together.

I am drinking iced chai, catching up on posts.
more soon,

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