Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday Faves.

I've missed the last few weeks of these but I am always finding truly beautiful things.
This week I shall share my expensive eye candies that I can dream about but could never actually afford. (or be willing to spend for that matter, haha) but its always fun to look!

1) Why are the prettiest things the most expensive? *sigh*

2) Ughh so in love with this dress!!

3) This is brilliant!!! SO many extra pyrex bowls I would LOVE to do this with.

4) This handmade camera bag is EXACTLY what I would want if I could have one.

5) I love small bags in the summer, and would LOVE this one.

And there you have it! My current, "I love you but cannot buy you" list. Maybe next week I'll have to make an affordable summer list, we'll see:)
xoxo j

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