Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Oh this crazy life.

Last week is like a whirlwind. So much happened I can barely believe it all fit in the span of 7 days. So here's why it has been a little quiet around the blog..Some highlights from last week.

1. Morning Coffee with my dear friend Bethany, wow do I love her.
2. Maria and Lizzy came over for what I have to say was the most amazing brunch.
3. I have issues, I'm sure by now you know this but I really dislike change. You might want to kill me when you hear this but when I first purchased my MacBook it stayed in the box literally for almost three months because I was too scared to wreck it. This trend was following when I finally purchased my french press and it sat in the trunk of my car for the past month. Lets just say last week that changed.
4. Last week my best (nine year old) friend Emmie called and said "Miss Jessie my mom and dad are both working, would you chaperone my field trip?" How could I refuse! Off to the science museum we went to dig some fossils!
5. rummage sale season.
6. Having way too many good times, with way too many good friends in jersey. So thankful I have two homes.
7. Lots of sewing and crafts.
8. being reunited with my boy and reminding ourselves how totally in love we are.
Yes I am wearing a flower crown. Yes I made it. Yes I wear it in public. and Yes I have a tutorial on how to do it, I promise to share it with you soon.
Who says you have to be a little girl to feel like the princess of the forest?
moreeee to come:)
xo j

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