Thursday, May 19, 2011

Restyled: Take two.

Hello there!
Well I planned on updating more yesterday, but three trips to the mall to get my new glasses and they ended up getting my prescription wrong. Fail.
So I'm sure you could guess I wasn't the happiest camper after all that, anything I may have blogged wouldn't have been the happiest update.
So here I am, still new glasses-less but in a much better mood:)
You may remember the first time I shared something I had redone back in February. I noticed I had titled it "wardrobe restyle" but some of the upcoming things I have to share are not necessarily in the "wardrobe" category so I have more properly titled this segment, Restyled.

I have been doing SO much spring cleaning. I am so overwhelmed and really trying to rid my life of so much clutter.
I love to try and give things a second life before totally discarding them. That way instead of wasting money on something overpriced but "new", I can make something like new!
A few summers ago I got these sandals from the gap at the end of summer for a shocking $4.97.
I know right, such a good price and mustard colored, how could I not?
But in the past two summers I may have worn them 3 times. I love the color and they are practically still brand new, so I figured I could spice them up a little.
About 15 minutes, some buttons, and a needle and thread later, I had new shoes.
I am a little in love.
With all my cleaning I have many of these projects coming up, BUT some will be gifts so you just have to bare with me until I give them to some lovelies. Then I'll share with you:)
Lots more to come this weekend, I told you my head is FULL.

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