Wednesday, May 18, 2011

teenage dream.

I just had to post something! Do you love the new look of what?
I am so thankful to have a partner who is willing to listen to all my crazy ideas and translate them to something I love. Someone who works hard to get something done, just for me to say, I do not love it, or its not me, and is willing to go back (without question) and make it true to who I am.
Thank you babe, what the heck would I do without my other half?

I am crazy busy but also CRAZY inspired lately.
I have about a zillion projects started and today and tomorrow will be for finishing and posting them. I have a 2 DIY's, some sneak peaks, some restyled projects and so on.
I feel horrible for how quiet it has been around here, and hope that will be changing as summer approaches.

A few weekends ago now my little cousin had her first prom. We are really close, seeing that she is my ONLY cousin on my moms side. No seriously. I have one cousin. haha!
So the whole family (including Maria) loaded up in cars to go and take pictures of the lovely one.
She looked STUNNING. Her dress was incredibly classy.
My little sister and Becca Boo are both ridiculously pretty.

She went with just a friend (which I think is the best way to go). The poor boy was totally overwhelmed with both maria, in his face with our cameras haha. Not to mention my family and his family trying to capture every moment. It was adorable how awkward they felt:)
I hope they had the best time. My Becca Boo, stop growing up, becoming so beautiful, and making me want to watch you like a hawk. I hope it was a beautiful night for you.
I unfortunately have to get new glasses, I kind of really hate eye exams. I cannot believe in two years they have gotten worse! It makes me feel like I am getting old.
I cant wait to pick some pretty new frames though, I have been looking online and have a pair in mind, so hopefully I love them as much in person.
I see the sun trying to peek out!
more later,

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  1. hey you, i don't know how i came across this...... but we had to start a blog for my photography class. i kept hitting next blog to see what i could find, and i was like no way this is my cousin. i miss you too piecessss<3