Thursday, June 30, 2011

work or play?

So starts summer. And I am a BUSY girl. I can hardly enjoy what I am currently doing because I can't stop thinking of what I have coming next. My planner is about permanently attached to my hand, I am traveling every two weeks for a wedding, and trying to work in between all the chaos.
I started another nanny job for another one of my old students, his name is Xavier.
We have been having a really wonderful time on our adventures and just thought I would share a little peak.
On our nature walk I had Xav collect lots of different kinds of leaves.
I wanted him to really notice their differences more than just the obvious shape. So I thought he should draw them to really grasp it.
Then (of course) I had to stretch him a little and make him use his imagination. I think it is crucial that kids hold it as long as possible. So I glued his leaves to a paper and asked him to turn them into animals. At first he looked at me funny and said "Miss Jessie they're leaves" but I told him to reallllly look. This is what he came up with:
I was super smitten. I love that you can secretly make kids learn on summer vacation:)
Greg was also with me last week so I made him do one too!
Love that my boy still has his imagination, thats one of the many reasons we fit.

more to come. xo. j

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

button visits bird.

Last weekend I had the great joy of having some visitors from my other home make the trip up here. Not only was I elated to see them but they (of course) brought along my love who I have not seen in over a month. My heart was basically bursting.
I honestly wish I had more pictures to share with you but it was one of the times that you are so in the moment that you forget to capture it. (which I secretly kind of love) I was beyond excited and had just SO much to show them, I think we covered a lot of ground. But of course saturday night we did what we love to do most, cook together and hang out with loved ones. That is just what we did!
My new york and new jersey boo's finally meeting. heart melt.
oooh hawt boyfriend :)
Greg and I can barely handle how seamlessly our friends seem to fit together. We are really blessed to have so many wonderfuls in our lives.
It has honestly been sad without them around and I cannnnot waitttt until they come visit again, love you guys!

ps. you might recognize Lindsey as my friend with the yummy food blog. Of course she baked us something delicious while she was here, but it was so good it really needed its own post:)

xo jess

Thursday, June 23, 2011

stuff like this makes me feel old.

The Little Graduate!
This has always been one of my favorite pictures of little Macey do:)
I remember when she was this small, heck I remember Maria getting phone calls while we were driving from her sister-in-law debating name choices. *sigh*

Well yesterday Maria (or better know by her nieces and nephews as Tia) called me up and asked if I wanted to go with her on a special girls day to celebrate Macey graduating preschool!
I'm not sure if I have had so much much fun with a five year old in a long time.
They've been best friends since the start.
lovin on the little.
after we crossed the street to walk the beach, Macey could barely wait to get her shoes off!
don't worry greg, I was thinking about you too hehe
I forgot how much one on one time is with kids. I could identify with Macey so much because she is the oldest and when you're the oldest your stuck in that role for life. When she is with the other kids she can't help but be in big sister mode, which is really parent mode. haha I still do this to my brother in sister. But when she had her own time with us, she was silly and carefree and just plain being a kid. I loved it so much. ps. Maria, you are the coolest Tia, ever.

Congrats to the little sweetie! I cannot believe you are growing up.
Dear Robinson Family, I hope you guys can hold it together today. haha:)

more later,
xo miss jess

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Star light, Star bright.

helloooo all!
I hope you all had a most excellent day today, despite the rain. My day started off really horrible, and ended really wonderful. But either way I had to get some things done in between so that is just what I did.

I have been an Etsy obsessor since I was in high school, and it has only gotten worse over the years. One thing I really love about being apart of something that long is watching certain sellers grow. In all sorts of ways, what they sell, quality of their work, and even shop popularity.
I have always really loved the shop Giant Dwarf.
I think her creations are quite lovely.. She used to make headbands like this.

So cute right?!
Well the only semi-sucky thing about sellers on Etsy is as their popularity grows so does their prices. This is SO normal (and honestly awesome for them) but from the outside it kind of feels sucky.
I have been smitten with her Starlette Crown for quite sometime now.
I remember when they were new to her shop and I wanted one terribly but could not afford it. I honestly cannot justify spending so much on a headband.
Sometimes even if you're crafty you just want to buy stuff sometimes instead of making it. But no matter how I tried to reason it, I just couldnt drop that kind of money on a headband (no matter how darling it is)
So today I sucked it up and made my own little version of this..

I do really liked how it came out for a first try. I also like that the glitter I used was literally called fairy dust! How cute is that!!
I keep telling Greg someday I will need really fancy hair, and I will HAVE to buy one (darn!) hehe but for now I will just wear my little homemade one.

That's all for tonight! I'll be back in the morning to share the super happy afternoon I had.
Sweet dreams!
xo j

ps. yes I beehived my hair today:)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

DIY: Sweet Scrubs

Good evening all!
I am loving these long summer days they are making me super happy:)
I have been cleaning and cleaning and CLEANING. Everything is all sorted and nice and I am getting rid of SO much stuff, I feel so organized and refreshed!
Anyway I took a little break this afternoon to make sure you did not go another whole week without me, hehe.
A few weeks ago I was given a super sweet gift..
Homemade scrubs. I love them!
I figured I would share a super easy DIY with you on how to make your own!
First Day of Summer Grapefruit Lavender Scrub.
Here's what you will need:
1. olive oil 2. grapefruit 3. lavender oil 4. sea salt 5. jars or other containers 6. mixing bowl 7.whisk
Besides the sea salt and olive oil, everything else is basically choice. You can mix tons of different scents and such to get whatever fragrance you want! This is just what I happened to have at home.

I did not measure anything (thats how easy) just take it slow adding things a little at a time until you get the consistancy you want for your scrub.
I started with some salt-
then added about half as much oil-
then I sliced the grapefruit and squeezed it in (if you are worried about dropping seeds or chunks of grapefruit throw a fine strainer over the bowl then squeeze)-
after that I just repeated everything until I got it to where I wanted-
I sort of tested as I went, I washed my hands with it and they were SO smooth. My whole family was amazed and each had to take a turn:)
I added a few drops of lavender just for the sake of smell (but it was really fine without it)
Last I poured it into jars and made it all cute-
It doesn't take long at all, such an easy gift!
I cant wait to experiment with different combinations of scents, yay!
Happy first day of summer!
xo jess

Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday Morning.

The start of the week is always rough, but one thing that makes Monday's okay...
.chalking with kids.
they traced me, I turned it into a ballerina.

We were outside for an hour before the bus chalking this morning, it was so relaxing.
And tell me, who could not love these silly faces.

Thank goodness for kids, they keep me sane.
I promise to post more of the weekend, I am on a cleaning spree because I have some lovely's coming into town this weekend to stay with me. I am SO excited.
xoxo j