Tuesday, June 28, 2011

button visits bird.

Last weekend I had the great joy of having some visitors from my other home make the trip up here. Not only was I elated to see them but they (of course) brought along my love who I have not seen in over a month. My heart was basically bursting.
I honestly wish I had more pictures to share with you but it was one of the times that you are so in the moment that you forget to capture it. (which I secretly kind of love) I was beyond excited and had just SO much to show them, I think we covered a lot of ground. But of course saturday night we did what we love to do most, cook together and hang out with loved ones. That is just what we did!
My new york and new jersey boo's finally meeting. heart melt.
oooh hawt boyfriend :)
Greg and I can barely handle how seamlessly our friends seem to fit together. We are really blessed to have so many wonderfuls in our lives.
It has honestly been sad without them around and I cannnnot waitttt until they come visit again, love you guys!

ps. you might recognize Lindsey as my friend with the yummy food blog. Of course she baked us something delicious while she was here, but it was so good it really needed its own post:)

xo jess

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