Tuesday, June 21, 2011

DIY: Sweet Scrubs

Good evening all!
I am loving these long summer days they are making me super happy:)
I have been cleaning and cleaning and CLEANING. Everything is all sorted and nice and I am getting rid of SO much stuff, I feel so organized and refreshed!
Anyway I took a little break this afternoon to make sure you did not go another whole week without me, hehe.
A few weeks ago I was given a super sweet gift..
Homemade scrubs. I love them!
I figured I would share a super easy DIY with you on how to make your own!
First Day of Summer Grapefruit Lavender Scrub.
Here's what you will need:
1. olive oil 2. grapefruit 3. lavender oil 4. sea salt 5. jars or other containers 6. mixing bowl 7.whisk
Besides the sea salt and olive oil, everything else is basically choice. You can mix tons of different scents and such to get whatever fragrance you want! This is just what I happened to have at home.

I did not measure anything (thats how easy) just take it slow adding things a little at a time until you get the consistancy you want for your scrub.
I started with some salt-
then added about half as much oil-
then I sliced the grapefruit and squeezed it in (if you are worried about dropping seeds or chunks of grapefruit throw a fine strainer over the bowl then squeeze)-
after that I just repeated everything until I got it to where I wanted-
I sort of tested as I went, I washed my hands with it and they were SO smooth. My whole family was amazed and each had to take a turn:)
I added a few drops of lavender just for the sake of smell (but it was really fine without it)
Last I poured it into jars and made it all cute-
It doesn't take long at all, such an easy gift!
I cant wait to experiment with different combinations of scents, yay!
Happy first day of summer!
xo jess

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