Monday, June 13, 2011

If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense.

Well it was here and went. My dearest friend Sarah's bridal shower that I have been planning for was this weekend and I cannot believe how quickly it is all over. (You may remember the invitations I made a few months ago for it) Well yesterday was the day and I wish I could explain it all but I cannot. All I can tell you is it was everything I had hoped to give to her and more.
I was so nervous and excited that I only had time to snap a few photos. So here is a glimpse of the shower that I literally dreamed up for my friend Sarah. I hope you can get a feel of the little world we created.
Yes it was pure magic.
And my beautiful bride to be!
I have some fun pictures of al our friends who looked Oh so lovely that I will share later today.
My dearest Maria also knew I would be in stressfest mode and took some really beautiful pictures of everything for me, once she uploads them I will share, promise:)
Thank you to everyone who helped keep me so calm. I have the most wonderful friends who go get coffee, are not weirded out when they walk in the door and I ask them to go buy 30 mason jars, and are willing to reorganize and add things until it fits the picture in my head.
You ladies were wonderful yesterday.
And thank you to an inspiring bride, who is willing to just say I trust you. I hope it was everything you wanted it to be, I love you dearly.
I am still on cloud nine. I promise to float back down in a bit and share some more happy things with you all. Thanks for be patient through my busy weekend and lack of posts. SO much to share as always.
xo jess

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  1. It was the most beautiful day.
    Everything was perfect down to the littlest details.
    I couldn't have dreamed up something more perfect.
    I love you ever so much Miss Jess.