Thursday, June 23, 2011

stuff like this makes me feel old.

The Little Graduate!
This has always been one of my favorite pictures of little Macey do:)
I remember when she was this small, heck I remember Maria getting phone calls while we were driving from her sister-in-law debating name choices. *sigh*

Well yesterday Maria (or better know by her nieces and nephews as Tia) called me up and asked if I wanted to go with her on a special girls day to celebrate Macey graduating preschool!
I'm not sure if I have had so much much fun with a five year old in a long time.
They've been best friends since the start.
lovin on the little.
after we crossed the street to walk the beach, Macey could barely wait to get her shoes off!
don't worry greg, I was thinking about you too hehe
I forgot how much one on one time is with kids. I could identify with Macey so much because she is the oldest and when you're the oldest your stuck in that role for life. When she is with the other kids she can't help but be in big sister mode, which is really parent mode. haha I still do this to my brother in sister. But when she had her own time with us, she was silly and carefree and just plain being a kid. I loved it so much. ps. Maria, you are the coolest Tia, ever.

Congrats to the little sweetie! I cannot believe you are growing up.
Dear Robinson Family, I hope you guys can hold it together today. haha:)

more later,
xo miss jess

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