Monday, June 6, 2011

Oh life.

So yet another week gets away from me!
I am so sorry for that, I think I really need to get into my summer groove. I promise to work harder at that. But for now he is another "life update" post so you can feel filled in:)

1. Being silly with kids in the morning always starts my day off right.
2. Wedding shower planning!! I am SO excited for this weekend!
3. Getting pumped for summer potluck!
4. Blog morning dates with myself.
5. Craft dates with Lisa, always such a pleasant way to spend my mornings.
6. Our friends bought a HOUSE! Were all helping get it ready:)
7. I have some commissioned dolls to make that I am super excited about.
8. Getting the shop ready again, fingers crossed I sit down and just DO IT!
So thats what I have been up to! I have been working on blogs all morning so they are all ready to go. You should be hearing from me MUCH more than last week.
xoxo j

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