Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Star light, Star bright.

helloooo all!
I hope you all had a most excellent day today, despite the rain. My day started off really horrible, and ended really wonderful. But either way I had to get some things done in between so that is just what I did.

I have been an Etsy obsessor since I was in high school, and it has only gotten worse over the years. One thing I really love about being apart of something that long is watching certain sellers grow. In all sorts of ways, what they sell, quality of their work, and even shop popularity.
I have always really loved the shop Giant Dwarf.
I think her creations are quite lovely.. She used to make headbands like this.

So cute right?!
Well the only semi-sucky thing about sellers on Etsy is as their popularity grows so does their prices. This is SO normal (and honestly awesome for them) but from the outside it kind of feels sucky.
I have been smitten with her Starlette Crown for quite sometime now.
I remember when they were new to her shop and I wanted one terribly but could not afford it. I honestly cannot justify spending so much on a headband.
Sometimes even if you're crafty you just want to buy stuff sometimes instead of making it. But no matter how I tried to reason it, I just couldnt drop that kind of money on a headband (no matter how darling it is)
So today I sucked it up and made my own little version of this..

I do really liked how it came out for a first try. I also like that the glitter I used was literally called fairy dust! How cute is that!!
I keep telling Greg someday I will need really fancy hair, and I will HAVE to buy one (darn!) hehe but for now I will just wear my little homemade one.

That's all for tonight! I'll be back in the morning to share the super happy afternoon I had.
Sweet dreams!
xo j

ps. yes I beehived my hair today:)

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