Friday, June 10, 2011

Treasure hunt!

Yesterday was super wonderful.
I feel like it was so relaxed but at the same time so much got done.
I started by a major clean sweep throughout my space. It is looking much better.
Maria came over and played on her computer while I cleaned. After I made us some pretty delicious coffee and we looked at LOTS of pretty things.
I had noticed some garage sales on my way home from nannying we decided to go have a peak. Little did we know we would be garage sailing for the next five hours.
Here are some highlights from our day..
A whole box of mason jars for two dollars! Maria tried to talk me into getting all 5 boxes but I just couldn't. But we do have LOTS of plans for them:)
I took Maria to Jackson's bakery for the first time. It is one of my favorite places. My elementary school was next door and my forth grade teacher used to bring us there on Fridays and get us all smiley face cookies. Maria said it smelled just like where she grew up in New York City. After we basked in our nostalgia we enjoyed some yummy cookies!

I called my Daddy last night to tell him about the records I got and he asked me about a few, and I actually saw them! I went back today to get them for him but they had sold the whole crate yesterday. SO sad. poor Daddy.
Our last mission was to find a stroller for Maria's sister in law, which we totally accomplished.
Super successful day. We got other goodies which I will not bore you with.
This weekend is about to get REALLY busy. Hope you can keep up with me:)
more in a bit xo,


  1. Jess, you may not remember me, I was Courtney's roommate back in 2006. I find your blog and work so inspiring. Thank you for sharing!

  2. oh of course I remember you! thank you for the sweet words, it is a blessing to know people find this little place inspiring. stay lovely. xo