Thursday, June 30, 2011

work or play?

So starts summer. And I am a BUSY girl. I can hardly enjoy what I am currently doing because I can't stop thinking of what I have coming next. My planner is about permanently attached to my hand, I am traveling every two weeks for a wedding, and trying to work in between all the chaos.
I started another nanny job for another one of my old students, his name is Xavier.
We have been having a really wonderful time on our adventures and just thought I would share a little peak.
On our nature walk I had Xav collect lots of different kinds of leaves.
I wanted him to really notice their differences more than just the obvious shape. So I thought he should draw them to really grasp it.
Then (of course) I had to stretch him a little and make him use his imagination. I think it is crucial that kids hold it as long as possible. So I glued his leaves to a paper and asked him to turn them into animals. At first he looked at me funny and said "Miss Jessie they're leaves" but I told him to reallllly look. This is what he came up with:
I was super smitten. I love that you can secretly make kids learn on summer vacation:)
Greg was also with me last week so I made him do one too!
Love that my boy still has his imagination, thats one of the many reasons we fit.

more to come. xo. j

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