Friday, June 17, 2011

Yes, I'm alive.

Dear Blog World,

I am SO sorry for my absence this week. It was a suprise to me as well. I started off the week super strong and had LOTS of updates plan, then I got a phone call.
My dad who I have not seen in over two years was flying in from Vegas in just a few short hours. I was shocked, excited, and basically dancing around the house with glee. We have been having the most wonderful time together being well, us.
We have hit up every garage sale and thrift store and looked and so many old records I think I permently have dust stuck in my nose. We also have been eating FAR to much food.
Then I got the second biggest surprise of my life. My baby brother from Vegas decided not to let dad have all the fun, and bought himself a plane ticket out here too. OH MY WORD! I have been missing my family so so much and its has just been so great having the here.

I just do not know when I will get this much time again, so thank you for baring with me this week. I haven't really been home for longer than an hour. But tonight I made coffee and I am going to stay up a while and get some blogs done. Tomorrow is our last full family day with everyone. We are all running away to my Aunts cottage to sit on the water and enjoy life. But I am packing up the computer to get even more upadates finishing.
.Stay tuned for your regularly scheduled program.

xo j

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