Wednesday, July 20, 2011

DIY: Sweater Doll Up

Good morning friends!
Today I have a super easy and cute DIY for you to help decorate your wardrobe a bit:)
Where I live, it still gets cooler at night, cool enough to wear my lightweight cardigans which I love. I love this DIY because I don't wear tons of jewelry in the summer because of the heat so this helps me still feel a little fancy (as my littles would say) when I want to be!

•How to doll up your summer sweater•
Here's what you'll need:
pilers: clip on earrings: jump rings: and access chain or an old necklace
(I got my earrings for 10¢ and the necklace for $1 so it shouldn't break the bank)
(ps) it is very import to make sure you get clips on with this sort of clasp and not the flat ones.
first you will want to cut your chain into different size lengths.
next use your jump rings to connect both the chain to the clip on.
repeat this for all three holes and on both earrings
And there you have it!!
I love the little effortless things you can do to dress up an outfit, so fun!
I have a BUSY week ahead, finishing up another wedding treat and Hearts and Crafts summer sale is already next week as well. On top of all that I think I am sewing something for a First Friday event, but I will share more with you tomorrow on that:)
Another post to come this afternoon,
xo jess

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

before they turn the summer into dust.

I wish I could share every second of this wedding with you, but no camera could have ever captured all of its beauty. The teary eyed boys, the music, a wedding dress with hiding aqua tights, the food, the simplicity, the happiness,the playground, the woods, the love, I was overwhelmed with joy for sure.
But as promised here are a few pretty things I was able to capture.
oh such a joy filled day. I am beyond thankful to be apart of it.
more later,
xo j

Monday, July 18, 2011


I am here for just one more day visiting my love, we have been having the most delightful time together. I did tell him that I wanted a time that we actually set aside to have a cookie cutter date and today that is just what we did.
After a morning coffee and mini adventure we grabbed lunch at our favorite local pizza place and then set off to what I have been so excited to see.. Winnie the Pooh.
Such a childhood favorite of mine, the classic books of course and even the very old movies. It was super cute and I smiled so much. I also love seeing kids movies when kids are in the theatres and listening to all their comments on what is happening, tickles my heart.
And of course how could I not tell you that my girl Zooey Deschanel is doing the music, which pretty much sent me over the moon. Seriously here is a peak, just so so happy.
well I hope you enjoy this and seriously listen to the whole song "so long" it just puts me in such a great mood!
More to come!
xo j

remember to breathe.

So as much as I love working and crafting at home, the downside is being inside on so many beautiful days. I would be glued (haha, craft pun) to my work if I didn't have a great support system. Last week my lovely ladies pried me away to breathe some fresh air again.
I love that she knows I may never answer my phone so she just comes over and drags me out of the house.
We had an absolutely peachy day of antiques, lunch, good music, and wonderful talks.
Maria and B
Also got me out of the house to go enjoy some wonderful gelato. I always forget what pretty colors gelato can be, sigh.

I have super great friends if you couldn't tell.
ps. look my hair is finally feeling semi-long again!
I am compiling a "hair blog" to post soon, it is crazy to see how much someone's hair can change in a year.
Ps I also got my film developed and will share that later tonight! yay!
xo j

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Birthday for Best Friend.

So my best friend Danny's birthday was ummm well in March.
And its now welllll July and I finally got around to mailing his birthday gift (haha),
I'm horrible I know.

[old favorites]
But now that he has it I can finally share it with you here, yippie! I'm not sure if he even remembers this, but when I was in Portland visiting him he said it would make him happy if I painted him something someday. I figured why not make my loaf smile and sent him this.
It is from one of my very favorite Bright Eyes songs..
"I took off my shoes and walked into the woods, I felt lost and found with every step I took"
I was glad to hear it got there safely, he said he already hung it up. Oh I miss him so!
more in the morning, promise.
xo j

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Wedding Bells and Wedding Rings.

We are off to Connecticut!
Yes we are loaded up and off to witness the joining of to truly beautiful people,
Eric and Elizabeth.
I mean, aren't they just the cutest.
You may remember Beth as the more than brilliant artist I commissioned to make Greg's christmas gift.
well she is the one getting married on this lovely occasion and I cannot wait to see all the beautiful magic these two have created for this special day.
I was nervous and excited to do my small part by making some decorations for her special day in exchange for our beautiful painting. I cannot tell you what happened to the nerves in my body when she told me to "do whatever". My wedding brain panicked, "dont you have a color scheme?" "are you sure you trust me to make them?" I could think of every reason I was not qualified to do the job. She told me the "scheme" was homemade DIY, I figured I could handle that.
(click image to enlarge)
I was pretty excited with the turn out. They are going to be hanging off the ends of the chairs down the aisle. I made sixteen all together, so there was two of each type. I cannot wait to see them all set up:)
I could not find my camera charger before I came down here so I'm prettttty sure I am going to shoot film today. So I cannot promise wedding photos tomorrow, but I will get them soon!
Hope you all have a beautifullll saturday!
xo j

Friday, July 15, 2011


Hello Sweet Readers!
I am so sorry for how quiet it has been around the blog this week. I have been SO busy, and now just have a moment to catch my breath. I am currently in my second home seeing my love, and attending a dear friends wedding this weekend. I cannotttt waittt.
After working like crazy on some upcoming projects this week, I definetly needed a little break. So my lovely ladies and I packed up the car and off we went.
First stop was some fuel...for our bodies.
The beach was so perfect.
it got a littleeee windy.
of course we packed a picnic lunch.
After we left the beach we went antiquing in the super cute little town and each found some goodies. (ill share with you in an upcoming post)
Then we stopped for ice cream, and all ended up getting mint, hehe.

After a nice walk on the water we started on our way home and stopped at the cutest little cafe for dinner which was inside an adorable yellow house.
It was the best little getaway and I think we all needed it. Tomorrow we're heading to Connecticut for the day for a wedding that I am SO excited about. It also is one of the weddings I made some special things for, I cannot wait to show you. Possibly I'll post them in the morning before we leave. SOOO much catch up this weekend, meet me here :)

xoxo j

Saturday, July 9, 2011

beautiful getaway pt 2

Oh my word. I am absolutely smitten with these photos B's boyfriend Danny took on our trip. I am still over the moon for film photography looking at these you can probably see why.
I cannot wait to get all these printed, they are the most beautiful way to remember our trip. I just love such wonderful documentation of all my adventures. hope you are all enjoying this most lovely day!
xo j