Sunday, July 3, 2011

beautiful getaway, ethnic sister style.

This past weekend was the perfect kick off to summer. Maria and I have been anxiously awaiting the summer return of our best friend B. To celebrate everyone being together again, we packed our bags and all the Rochester Crew and Boston Crew went camping.

I'm pretty sure the entire weekend can count as therapy. Therapy being away from technology, therapy being away from schedules, therapy laughing. We laughed so much we almost drove maria into a tree hiking. That is only one of the countless, RIDICULOUS memories we made this weekend.
I wish I could write down all the beautiful things we saw, every funny thing that was said, every hug that was exchanged, it all just flew over us in this amazing cloud of peace.
Here is some of our trip via photographs:
sorry so many I just couldn't choose!! I cannot wait until Maria uploads hers, she also has some pretty ridiculous videos, I just might have to share some of those too.

I am so looking forward to all the fun this season will bring.
xo miss jess.

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