Wednesday, July 20, 2011

DIY: Sweater Doll Up

Good morning friends!
Today I have a super easy and cute DIY for you to help decorate your wardrobe a bit:)
Where I live, it still gets cooler at night, cool enough to wear my lightweight cardigans which I love. I love this DIY because I don't wear tons of jewelry in the summer because of the heat so this helps me still feel a little fancy (as my littles would say) when I want to be!

•How to doll up your summer sweater•
Here's what you'll need:
pilers: clip on earrings: jump rings: and access chain or an old necklace
(I got my earrings for 10¢ and the necklace for $1 so it shouldn't break the bank)
(ps) it is very import to make sure you get clips on with this sort of clasp and not the flat ones.
first you will want to cut your chain into different size lengths.
next use your jump rings to connect both the chain to the clip on.
repeat this for all three holes and on both earrings
And there you have it!!
I love the little effortless things you can do to dress up an outfit, so fun!
I have a BUSY week ahead, finishing up another wedding treat and Hearts and Crafts summer sale is already next week as well. On top of all that I think I am sewing something for a First Friday event, but I will share more with you tomorrow on that:)
Another post to come this afternoon,
xo jess

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