Monday, July 4, 2011

explosions in the sky.

Happy Independence Day!
Today was both bitter and sweet. Sweet because I ate way too much food, took a nap on a picnic blanket in the sun, played bananagrams, hugged lots of friends, and saw pretty fireworks. Bitter because while I was enjoying cook-outs, sunshine, and good people, I couldn't get my brother out of my head. A sleep deprived boy overseas, dying of heat in the desert, fighting for the very reason we are celebrating.
Now I have never been the biggest fan of America (ya, I said it) mainly because I am just indifferent to politics and such, but when someone you love most in the world is over risking his life while you're enjoying a cheeseburger, you cannot help but take a little pride in your country and be thankful for where you are.
So to my beautiful baby brother, those who came before him, and those who will come after, thank you for being willing to sacrifice yourselves. I can barley name five people I would be willing to lay down my life for as you and others lay down yours for a whole peoples sake, an entire country, I cannot even imagine to think of what kind of love and commitment that would take.
And to everyone else try to acknowledge as you enjoy your mac salad poolside on your day off, who may have payed the price for the freedom you are enjoying on this lovely day.
Ps. of course I had to make Maria and I little hair clips to show our love.
I'll share some happy pictures from our picnic in a little. I hope you all had a most wonderful holiday:)
proud sister jess

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  1. i wore a hair clip you made today! sweet pictures. i'm sorry i'm such a slacker.... i'm on vacation for 10 days. i will do a post though, i PROMISE! so thankful for people like your brother!