Monday, July 18, 2011


I am here for just one more day visiting my love, we have been having the most delightful time together. I did tell him that I wanted a time that we actually set aside to have a cookie cutter date and today that is just what we did.
After a morning coffee and mini adventure we grabbed lunch at our favorite local pizza place and then set off to what I have been so excited to see.. Winnie the Pooh.
Such a childhood favorite of mine, the classic books of course and even the very old movies. It was super cute and I smiled so much. I also love seeing kids movies when kids are in the theatres and listening to all their comments on what is happening, tickles my heart.
And of course how could I not tell you that my girl Zooey Deschanel is doing the music, which pretty much sent me over the moon. Seriously here is a peak, just so so happy.
well I hope you enjoy this and seriously listen to the whole song "so long" it just puts me in such a great mood!
More to come!
xo j

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