Monday, July 18, 2011

remember to breathe.

So as much as I love working and crafting at home, the downside is being inside on so many beautiful days. I would be glued (haha, craft pun) to my work if I didn't have a great support system. Last week my lovely ladies pried me away to breathe some fresh air again.
I love that she knows I may never answer my phone so she just comes over and drags me out of the house.
We had an absolutely peachy day of antiques, lunch, good music, and wonderful talks.
Maria and B
Also got me out of the house to go enjoy some wonderful gelato. I always forget what pretty colors gelato can be, sigh.

I have super great friends if you couldn't tell.
ps. look my hair is finally feeling semi-long again!
I am compiling a "hair blog" to post soon, it is crazy to see how much someone's hair can change in a year.
Ps I also got my film developed and will share that later tonight! yay!
xo j

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