Monday, August 1, 2011

don't go quite yet.

It has been farrrr too long, if I could even explain to you what my last few weeks have looked like, you would probably get tired just listening to me. And its not over yet, a few more big events and happy things and then we will back on our regular schedule.
Another huge factor in me not blogging is for weeks is my camera charger has been completely MIA since camping and I have been shooting all film until the past week when it finally resurfaced. And as much as I adore film, it was incredibly hard to keep up and I am more than thrilled to have my camera back for such an amazing weekend.
Since I have no real idea where to start, I decided I most likely will not share sequentially (I hope that is okay). I just am excited about this past weekend so I need to get that out of my system:)
So here goes.. get ready for lots up updates.
It may be a busy life but it is sure a beautiful one!
xo j

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