Tuesday, August 30, 2011

first day.

So yes I haven't quite got into my new routine yet, but I promise I am working on it.
Yesterday was my first day of school and it actually went pretty well. Though I do not love being on campus, I do really love learning and growing. I think this made me even more optimistic than last fall semester.
My parents used to always take pictures of us outside the house on our first day of school so I thought I would keep the tradish alive, even if its nothing special.
some other things keeping me thankful at school:
great professors
lots of good books to read this semester
being outside my comfort zone
eating lunch under trees
having a phone to text my boy
iced coffee
walking a lot
people who hold the door for you
listening to music
people watching
ALSO! did anyone else see the amazing school supplies target has? I mean spot on my favorite color combo! I wanted to buy everything!
and cant forget a package of back to school squinkies from my boy to keep me smiling, I just love him so much.
more later tonight. lots to try and catch up.
xo j

ps I know I have yet to pick the dolly winner, I have another giveaway to post then I will pick the winners of both. okee?:)


  1. pleassseeeee let the dolly winner be meeeeee!

  2. You're the cutest 1st day of school-er.
    I miss being on campus buds. <3

  3. I am in love with your notebooks. In fact, I'm going to venture out to target and get some, despite the fact that I am not in school.