Friday, August 5, 2011

First Friday.

Whew. Well, the madness continues but I am so excited to share all the recent happenings.
Today I got in my car and drove to Jersey for yet another wedding, which is in Philly and should be most excellent. But this week has been full of happy things, spending some solid quality time with my best friend Danny while he was in town and helping transform a coffee shop into a magical world.
A month or so ago a friend of mine, Ben, asked me to participate in our city's First Friday event at Joe Bean Coffee Roasters. This is where every first friday of the month local artists set up new exhibits in coffee shops and galleries that stay up for that entire month. I was pretty hesitant in accepting, trying to assure Ben that I did not paint, or do anything to be considered "art" enough to hang on a wall. He told me the theme was "The Last Days of Summer" and they really wanted it to be childlike and imaginative and I decided that was something I could definitely handle. I met with Kathy (who is phenomenal) and we totally synced with this idea that people have forgotten how to play and really experience things. Whether toys or coffee, we agreed people have become more spectators to life than actually getting in enjoying it being apart of it.
I set up all yesterday with the help of my good friend Pete Lake, who I pretty much owe my life to for sticking it out with me. The boys were SUPER helpful with everything, I am really grateful for them.
It was pretty late and dark when I left, I wanted to see everything with the sunshine coming in so I stopped in there this morning before my drive.
It makes me smile! I also hung butterflies throughout Joe Bean and they look like their flying with the fans on:) but my favorite hanging things were...
yup swinggggs!
My friend Meg was working and she made me a delish treat and told me she felt like she was working in a magical world. My heart felt super happy.
I was sad I couldn't be there for the opening, but I hope everyone enjoyed it even though it was not real art.
hope you all have splendid weekend ahead of you, LOTS more updates on the way.
xo j

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