Friday, August 26, 2011

happy mornings.

This week went from moderately busy to I have no time to breathe in a matter of seconds.
It has been CRAZY and now Monday marks the beginning of a new semester, what?
A midst the madness I have been sticking in some time with some of the people I like a real lot:) Earlier in the week before it got too crazy I got to be productive and happy visit on one of my craft dates with miss Lisa.
I enjoyed a yummy breakfast and great morning chats with her and her most lovely roommate Marisa. I do very much like starting my mornings off there.
Then we went to Joe Bean to talk about when my things were coming down (can you believe the month is over!) and when Lisa's are going up. Yes! she is showcasing her photography based on local food, yippie!
here are two photos of hers I really love..
Great right? She turned the one with the tomatoes into a card and I got it at the most recent Hearts and Crafts it said "i'd share my tomatoes with you" ekk so cute.
Then we went back to the house and worked on our crafts, I did one of my least favorite things.. cutting out fabric, bleck. Least favorite part of sewing, so time consuming and titus. But it was good to spend two straight hours cutting and stock piling, now I am ready to go.
talking and crafting, so talented:) hehe
My craft mornings with Lisa are seriously one of my favorite ways to start my day.
more tonight,
xo j

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