Tuesday, August 2, 2011

hearts and happiness.

So as I have already told you I have been crazy busy. Not only with traveling, house sitting, and numerous weddings, but crafting because yesterday was
Hearts and Crafts
I am going to be honest that I am not entirely sure how I pulled it off. After I got home from Jersey and Connecticut I went right into five days of dog sitting and finally made it back home. When I got home I had about 3 days of non stop sewing and prepping because I could not do my usual stay up the whole night before ritual (because I had yet another wedding) I had to just get up that day and go. I was basically hitting rock bottom at 6am the morning of just from complete body exhaustion but lets be honest I have the best support system of humans ever.
So we got there and set up and it was a complete flow of my loved ones all day to come look at pretty things and support me. I am so thankful to them.
The day was full of happiness. My dear friend Lisa also surprised me with a little gift that deserves its own post because I find it so lovely. We also did a trade and I got some of her new cards, yippieee!
I am so lucky to be apart of something so amazing that Rochester has to offer. I am excited for a fall/winter show. ekks!
I have one more big upcoming project that I cannot wait to share with you, then I am traveling yet again this week for another wedding. Maybe after summer my life will slow down (haha) I can dream right?
xo j

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