Monday, August 22, 2011

milestone giveaway.

My blog hit 20,000 views!
It makes my heart giddy to know you are still reading even though I was sort of a slacker blogger this summer. Sorry for that, I have some high hopes for my little internet corner this coming fall once I am back to my scheduled life.
I just have to sincerely say thank you for sticking with me, I love sharing my life with you!
Your comments and emails are always super encouraging, and I am thankful to have such supportive readers!
SO to thank you I am giving away another of my sweet baby dolls! I was going to make one today, but I wasn't sure if the winner would want a boy or girl hehe! SO just leave a comment below and I will pick a winner in just a few days! YIPPIEE!! I'm thinking a back to school themed dolly, hmmm:)
Thank you again for all your love,
xo j


  1. Pick meeeeee. Girl!

  2. addiction to dollies forever. pweeeeeease!?

  3. I miss your beautiful face, but I love that I can read your loverly blog an keep up with you! (pick me!)haha

  4. Pick me! I just got a f/t job working with students that have special needs. Having a back to school dolly for my class might be a special something to put a smile on everyones face : ) ~n

  5. maybe i'll win this again.......that'd be cute............<3

  6. in case i didn't make it clear. you should pick me :oP

  7. I would LOVE<3 one! :) It would keep me company while I'm at school for my last year!

  8. wow! Way more competition for this giveaway. Sure hope I win, my girls would love a new doll. How do you pick a winner?