Sunday, August 21, 2011


I know you have been anxiously awaiting my news, right?
Maybe you have, but may not either way I am ready to share.
................I got a new job..................
I know, I know people get new jobs all the time why are you so nervous, what's the big fuss? Well, it is just the fact that it is something I have never done before.
I got a job on a farm, helping to set up weddings.
Yea, it is beautiful right?
Let me give you a little back story months and months ago Greg and I went to look around, we bought some jam and I fell in love. Completely enchanted with the place, Greg felt everything they did there was very "me" and I should try to work there.
I thought he was completely crazy but I felt I would kick myself if I never tried.
I called at the end of june to tell them I was interested and they said they would get back to me.
They never did, but I didnt mind, I was just proud I called.
Then two Fridays ago I got a call saying they would really love to meet with me, and asked if I could come in Monday for a chat. I went in Monday, got the job Tuesday and started Thursday and have been setting up weddings and events everyday since.

It is has been really magical and I have already learned so much. Everything they serve at the wedding that make fresh that day. I loved when they first said we need mint, or basil, or rosemary they just handed me a bucket and I went out to pick some. Everything is SO fresh. Don't get me wrong it is a farm there is a lot of manual labor too, but knowing it is someone's special day I cheerfully am willing to rake the yard or carry chairs or pick flowers in the sun.
I am still nervous and feeling it out but I do love the learning and creativity piece.
Thank for letting me share,
xo j

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