Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Retro Beauty.

I have always been inspired by my Nan, she is pretty much the most amazing woman ever.
Her fashion sense has forever been a crush of mine. When I was little she had all her vintage shoes still in original boxes, her clothes were all in perfect condition, and of course she had purses to match everything. (I actually remember getting made fun of in elementary school and middle school for wearing her old clothes, haha who knew it would all be so cool now) She is also responsible for my obsession with pyrex because I grew up with it around her house, I may have just taken it to an unhealthy level, hehe. I also loved that she used to be a hair dresser because when I came home and told her I wanted to dye my hair pink, she happily helped me. Or when I wanted to learn how to bee hive my hair, she was showing me the correct way to french twist.
Last week my family was going through some old pictures and I stumbled upon yet another reason Nan and I are soul mates.
Nan totally rocked the blonde in the front during the 70s.
SO RAD RIGHT! My Nan is a such a betty!
I had to pull some more just because they are so great!
my Nan was the hottest mom ever.
I am in love with these. I cannot wait to find more.
drinking tea and catching up.
xo j


  1. oh my gosh! she's beautiful. you ladies definitely know how to rock the blonde in the front!

    i love going through old photos!