Tuesday, August 16, 2011

You made this world to look so nice.

Just a good story..
I bought this mewithoutyou shirt at a show 4 or 5 years ago. When I saw it I was totally in love with the color of the shirt and the design. I have a lot of mewithoutyou tee's (maybe 8 or so) one from every tour that has come to our area over the years. This one was so different though, like nothing I had ever seen them have, the only size left was XL but I had to get it anyway.
Now fast forward 5 years and you will never believe my face when I first ever wore this around Greg and he looked at me and said "My friend designed that shirt".
Yup, the very talented Elizabeth I sometimes share posts about. The one who made Greg's christmas gift, and who's beautiful wedding we attended this summer. Ya, that girl also made a ridiculously awesome shirt for mewithoutyou, win.
I every time I wear it I smile, and this time I just had to share with you.
And speaking with mewithoutyou, they were recently in town, and I missed them for the first time EVER. This is literally the only time I have even talked about it because I get emotional, I was out of town for a wedding. wahhh!
But my brother Kyle went and he sent me a video and I almost cried at the wedding when I got it.
When I got home from Jersey he surprised me with It's All Crazy, It's all False on vinyl!
ekkkkkkkk! :)
Such a super good brother.
I have so much to tell you:) more updates to come!
xo j

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  1. Aww, I just saw this now. Thanks for mentioning me! I'm so touched. We own the vinyl too, and I love it so much!