Friday, August 12, 2011

you're the girl of my dreams and a pistol it seems.

When I was in the garden state last weekend, my dear friends Lindsey and Mike celebrated their one year anniversary of marriage! whoo hoo! They had a super beautiful wedding which I blogged about here, and it has been a honor to get to witness them grow together this past year.
Lindsey asked me if I wouldn't mind taking some anniversary pictures for them. I tried to reject her offer at first, telling her next time she visited Rochester I had plenty of friends who are real photographers who would be happy to take her pictures. She said she just wanted me to do it, she just wanted it simple and comfortable.
How could I say no?
So here are some peaks for my dear friend Lindsey, I am no professional but I hope these make her smile.
I am pretty happy with the way the came out. And thankful to have a boyfriend willing to do my editing because I truly hate it. haha. I also took some with film that I cannot waiiitttt to get back. I thought I was coming home to finally rest but I have still been non stop. I cannot wait to show you some of the things I have been doing though, holy ekk.
I should go to sleep but I have had far too much coffee.
xo j

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