Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thursdays for Thought.

Heavy emphasis on the word choose, especially for me this week.
Believe me I know when you're upset, mad, or just not having a good day, the very last thing you want to do is choose joy. Most likely you do not want to come in a ten foot radius of anything slightly positive, joyful, or well, happy.
Why is that?
Why do we love to stay in that dark place?
You know when you cry for an extended period of time and after you feel really tired. Like the only possible way you could get over something is to sleep. Ya, well thats because those types of feelings are emotionally draining, so why do we hold onto them so tight?
I have watched myself do this over and over again this week, I think because I am trying to choose joy, I can more predominately point out when I purposely not choosing it.
Sometimes its not even that I'm "not choosing" it, I am straight avoiding it.
I was trying to figure out why this is, wondering if I felt more justified in my anger if I was angry longer, or if I cried that extra twenty minutes did that mean I cared more.
And the answer was no.
No, being angry longer did not justify my actions toward people.
And crying longer did not mean I cared any more or less about a certain situation,
these things just left me tired or feeling worse.
The only thing that got me out of these dark places (honestly) was smiling, or feeling a of delight.
It was like a freedom from the bad things, to just choose to let it wash away.
No matter how big or small, just a simple reminder that I did not have to stay in the dark place.
It came at various times and in very random ways, but either way the joy kept presenting itself and I had to make the choice.
Little joys that interrupted my grumpy moments this week:
- the coffee shop at school having gingerbread coffee even though its not in season
- music that makes me cry
- a nine year old whose words affect me more than any adult I have encountered this week
- happy phone calls from a far away friend
- encouraging emails and texts messages that come just when I'm about to lose it
- a close house to nap at between classes
- having crocs on when its raining so I can walk through puddles
- someone holding the door open for me
I could go on and on because I had a really horrible week, yet every time I started to feel that way something would happen to counteract it. They were generally simple things but when I decided to see them as joy and accept them, my week was really not so bad.

How have you been choosing joy? I would love to hear!
Enjoy today,

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

DIY: Fabric Feathers

Feathers in the hair has been something I loved since I was a kid. I love that its such a big trend right now, its so prettttty. But in case you do not want to spend the money or have the commitment of an extension.
Here's a happy DIY to keep your hair looking lovely.
1. scrap fabric
2. scissors
3. fabric glue
4. clips
5. twine/hemp
6. feather template (optional)
1. fold your fabric in half and pin together.

2. Cut out your fabric, make sure your two pieces are identical

3. Cut pieces of twine desired lengths, glue twine to inside, and then add some glue around the edges

4. Place the other half on top and be sure to crease so you see the twine

take the opposite ends of the twine and tie

6. Enjoy!

I just love it! It is so quick and easy you could honestly make a bunch to go with everything.
And in case you don't think you can make great feather templates, I had my boy make a printable one to share with you! Thanks babeeee:)
Just click the image to enlarge and print it out, perfect.
I have so much going on but my brain is going crazy with ideas. As I take notes everyday in class my margins are filled with DIY projects, shop updates, and other inspiring things. I cannot wait to have everything laid out to share with you, should be a most beautiful season.
xoxo j

please do not use any of my DIYs for sales, if used please kindly link back to my blog, thank you.

The scene is all laid out, its just what we dreamed about.

The night of the rehearsal dinner was one of my favorites.
We hit the less than 24 hour mark and everything really started to set in.
I had to hold it together when I saw her dad walking her down the aisle, even if was only just practice, I knew how real everything happening was.
After we went over what we were all doing we all went out for a really wonderful dinner together.
It was really surreal. Sarah kept saying "I'm getting married...tomorrow", I just could not believe how quick the time went by. It was a really special night and I am just glad we all got to spend it together.
I have another post for this afternoon so check back in.
I hope your weeks are all going swimmingly, I pretty much cannot wait for this week to be over. I have been beyond swamped and sleeping horribly at night because I am thinking of all the things I have to do, haha.
Heres to afternoon naps,

Monday, September 26, 2011

Because I believe in hope.

I'm really excited for what we are sharing with you today.
We recently got some new hats, and these hats have a pretty awesome story.
We bought them through an organization called Krochet Kids, who's mission simply says
"to empower people to rise above poverty".
I highly urge you to read through the entire website, I think you will be quite surprised at what you find. When I stumbled upon it I quickly fell in love with the idea, the story, the reality of what they were doing.
Basically here's the low down:
Three boys-taught women in Uganda how to crochet-payed them a fair wage-became a official non profit-now over 100 people work at their compound-and have hope for a future-buy a hat-change a life

got that?

now I will not lie, though I fell instantly in love, logic kicked in along with my selfish brain..
I do know how to crochet I could make it myself.
Thirty dollars for a hat am I crazy?
Greg's mom (the knitting queen) will freak when she sees.
Do I even really need another hat?

Sick right, but I wanted to be honest! I really thought those things, my stupid selfish human-ness so misleading! I had sent Greg an email about it and asked him to really read over everything and let me know his thoughts. He was just as excited as I was and I knew, those selfishnesses were not us, so we placed our order.

Our products came super quick, as beautiful as I hoped. I couldn't stop running the fibers through my fingers just knowing they were laced with love.
The name of the beautiful woman who made my hat is handwritten inside, it made me feel connected. I also thought it was very special we were provided with a tag explain how we could write a letter to thank the woman, you better believe I crafted up something.
So to my sucky human-ness that gets in my way and trys to hold me down,
this is for love still winning.
xoxo j

Saturday, September 24, 2011

here we go.

Good Morning!
I cannot believe I am saying this but I actually have NO plans today!! I am sitting here with a cup of coffee with absolutely no place to be and nothing to stress about doing.
Obviously I am stoked.
So, I know you've been dying for some of this wedding happiness and I am finally ready to share, but we have to go in order.
Last Thursday was the bachelorette party, and oh boy, it got a little crazy.
prettttty bride.
The evening began really lovely Sarah's life long friend Lane and sister in law Sarah cooked us a ridiculously delish dinner.
look at that cutie cook.
Then the boys picked us up and shuttled us all to the city.
Because we have Michelle who has ins everywhere we got into a club before it opened and had a straight dance party by ourselves and it was AWESOME.
Then some of the girls crossed something off their bucket list.. riding the bull.
she obviously wasn't happy we made her do it.
All in all it was a crazy night but a good night. Especially for a bunch of girls who never do this and had really no idea how to go about it haha.
The next day was rough, ya know only for me and Maria who had to get up and go to work while all the others slept, jerks:)
I'll share more wedding ventures with you later, along with some other happy updates.
xo j

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Post Wedding Chaos.

On Sunday after the week of wedding hoopla, a low key lazy day was what we were hoping to have.
And we got it:) After much needed sleeping in, we had planned to go walk around at the public market where they were holding an arts and crafts festival.
Much to our delight our friends who were visiting from Boston decided to go with their family so we got some extra time with them. Along with Maria's brother, sister-in-law, and their awesome kiddos, who are always a good time.
There were lots of great people there, I wanted to buy more than I usually do. Greg keeps me under control though and I only picked up one "treat". Also I stopped by these two lovely ladies table who also do Hearts and Crafts and they said they were looking for me because they wanted to order dolls, how great is that? I drew up their dolls yesterday I am SO excited to make them next week.
After visiting with lots of great people who were selling, we all decided we were hungry and went out for a most excellent meal.
YUM! Tomato artichoke soup and turkey pesto sandwich and I ate every last bite.
I miss them already I was hoping to spend more time together but the wedding madness left me with not enough hours in a day. Guess Greg and I will just have to plan a trip to Boston soon, darn.
As for the this week, I am completely swamped. Nannying before and after school, homework, huge exam tomorrow, and a craft show Friday night, who led me to believe I could handle this? I'm off to study for a bit and then a wedding post for you.
xoxo j