Monday, September 26, 2011

Because I believe in hope.

I'm really excited for what we are sharing with you today.
We recently got some new hats, and these hats have a pretty awesome story.
We bought them through an organization called Krochet Kids, who's mission simply says
"to empower people to rise above poverty".
I highly urge you to read through the entire website, I think you will be quite surprised at what you find. When I stumbled upon it I quickly fell in love with the idea, the story, the reality of what they were doing.
Basically here's the low down:
Three boys-taught women in Uganda how to crochet-payed them a fair wage-became a official non profit-now over 100 people work at their compound-and have hope for a future-buy a hat-change a life

got that?

now I will not lie, though I fell instantly in love, logic kicked in along with my selfish brain..
I do know how to crochet I could make it myself.
Thirty dollars for a hat am I crazy?
Greg's mom (the knitting queen) will freak when she sees.
Do I even really need another hat?

Sick right, but I wanted to be honest! I really thought those things, my stupid selfish human-ness so misleading! I had sent Greg an email about it and asked him to really read over everything and let me know his thoughts. He was just as excited as I was and I knew, those selfishnesses were not us, so we placed our order.

Our products came super quick, as beautiful as I hoped. I couldn't stop running the fibers through my fingers just knowing they were laced with love.
The name of the beautiful woman who made my hat is handwritten inside, it made me feel connected. I also thought it was very special we were provided with a tag explain how we could write a letter to thank the woman, you better believe I crafted up something.
So to my sucky human-ness that gets in my way and trys to hold me down,
this is for love still winning.
xoxo j

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  1. Couldn't agree more. I had to pick one up as soon as I found out. Then was able to pick a few more up for my wife. Their mission truly inspired me, and then I find myself on your blog and realize I am not the only one. Buy-a-hat-change-a-life.