Tuesday, September 6, 2011

bet you can can.

When I looked up the weather for labor day I saw it was going to be fairly blah.
Rainy, gloomy, perfect for your day off right?
Well in my case yes! I saw the forecast and knew it was finally time I stopped procrastinating and tried to can.
I have read just about every book, talked to canning pros (ie amy dawson and nan), and had all the materials for months, I just need to set aside time to actually try it.
I decided I would start with just one batch of jam, so if I failed miserably at least I didnt waste too much time and energy.
Peach vanilla bean jam was the winning recipe.
On Saturday I got all the peaches I could possibly need at the market.
It was a long process, you look at the recipe at it needs to cook for two hours and you think that will be the long part, you forget about peeling and chopping 3 pounds of peaches!
After it had cooked and was throughly taste tested *hehe* we were ready to go!
I did the whole process.. jar sterilizing.. jar filling...boiling water...can.
A jar of jam home preserved ready to eat now, or in four months in the dead of winter when I am dying for the taste of fruit.

It was super rewarding to see the jars on my counter, even though there was only seven of them, that was seven more than I had ever canned before:)
I left one jar open and brought it to nannying this morning and my kids ate it on their toast, they loved it and could not believe I actually made it.
I think I surprised myself a little too.
So that was my first adventure in home preserving!
I have to run to class now, but more later!
xo j

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  1. that jam sounds and looks amazing. Look at you go!