Wednesday, September 28, 2011

DIY: Fabric Feathers

Feathers in the hair has been something I loved since I was a kid. I love that its such a big trend right now, its so prettttty. But in case you do not want to spend the money or have the commitment of an extension.
Here's a happy DIY to keep your hair looking lovely.
1. scrap fabric
2. scissors
3. fabric glue
4. clips
5. twine/hemp
6. feather template (optional)
1. fold your fabric in half and pin together.

2. Cut out your fabric, make sure your two pieces are identical

3. Cut pieces of twine desired lengths, glue twine to inside, and then add some glue around the edges

4. Place the other half on top and be sure to crease so you see the twine

take the opposite ends of the twine and tie

6. Enjoy!

I just love it! It is so quick and easy you could honestly make a bunch to go with everything.
And in case you don't think you can make great feather templates, I had my boy make a printable one to share with you! Thanks babeeee:)
Just click the image to enlarge and print it out, perfect.
I have so much going on but my brain is going crazy with ideas. As I take notes everyday in class my margins are filled with DIY projects, shop updates, and other inspiring things. I cannot wait to have everything laid out to share with you, should be a most beautiful season.
xoxo j

please do not use any of my DIYs for sales, if used please kindly link back to my blog, thank you.

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