Thursday, September 1, 2011

do a funky dance.

Last night I got to help a family out and watch a very uniquely wonderful little girl.
This is Anika, she is very magical.
We have met before but I have never had one on one time with her. I would hang out with her any day, she is so awesome. She is sickeningly bright, a six year old vegan who is fluent in spanish and basically has creativity bursting out of her.
I loved our time together. I was super sad because I had to come right from school and when I got there she asked me where my big bag of crafts was. Tear! I told her I could make something with anything we could find in the house, we collected goodies and I did.
My favorite part of the evening was probably when we were mid Hullabaloo (a game I have referenced before) and the game says "do a funky dance" and she looked at me and said "we should probably look funky while we do it" I smiled and we ran upstairs and dressed up.
She then had me read some books which had a lot of spanish in them (which I butchered) and she politely corrected my grammar. It was a wonderful way to spend my evening.
I am always thankful for everything I learn from littles, spending time with them always makes me understand myself more, and just be thankful for where I am.
I might not love being in school, I could spend my days wondering what I should be doing or where I should be in this stage, or I can just dress up and own it.
To September, the start of another season in life I cannot wait to be unsure of and hopefully be growing even when I'm not looking for it.
xo j

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