Friday, September 9, 2011

First Friday.

Last Friday was probably one of the best nights I've had out in awhile.
Greg and I joined a bunch of great people in Rochester at Joe Bean Coffee Roasters for their First Friday opening "Roc Roots",
which featured lots of work by my good friend Lisa.
My throat actually hurt after the night because I'm pretty sure I haven't talked that much in awhile but all my conversations we wonderful and
with people I both love and admire.
Not to mention they had cherry tomatoes that tasted like candy they were so delicious.
Also my friend Meg had commissioned me to make a doll of her. The only guideline she gave me that she wanted to be really happy every time she saw it, oh and it had to have a balloon:)
Anddddddddd I keep forgetting to tell you! Joe Bean bought a huge set of Greg's animals to keep on their coffee bar. I honestly cannot tell you the joy I feel every time I go in there and see people stacking and playing with them. We got so many compliments on them, it makes me so proud of him. I love that people appreciate his work, because I mean I think he is the greatest.
Sometimes (even if I don't want to admit it) I really do love Rochester.
more later,
xo j

ps! later I am picking winners for this and this! so leave a comment!

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