Tuesday, September 13, 2011

giveaway winners.

Happy Tuesday!
I'm basically falling asleep while I type to you, but I think you more than deserve to know the winners of my giveaways.

(ps this is my room from here)

And the winners are:

Milestone Giveaway:
Marisa Pirog! you are the winner a new sweetie pie dollie!

Back to School Goodies:
Bethany Wolek! you are the winner of a bunch of goodies to keep you organized!
YAYYYY! please email me your address's so I can put these things in the mail this week!
Also if you are wondering how I pick the winners, I use random.org I put in the number of comments and click, there you have it, a winner:)
I am sorry for my slugish blogging habits this week, on top of school and life, two of my very closest friends are getting married this weekend and I have been helping with the last of the wedding-to-do-list.
These are the table numbers I made over the weekend, I think they came out really nice:)
There has been lots more little bits we have been doing, along with lots of reminiscing, a long with lots of laughter. I am a very excited girl.
I may or may not be literally going to bed at 8.
I promise to post more tomorrow.
xo j


  1. YAYYYY! SO ECSTATIC! I can't believe it. I never win anything!!!!!!! Thanks so much Jess!

  2. ;-) I never win anything either! I'm so excited!