Saturday, September 24, 2011

here we go.

Good Morning!
I cannot believe I am saying this but I actually have NO plans today!! I am sitting here with a cup of coffee with absolutely no place to be and nothing to stress about doing.
Obviously I am stoked.
So, I know you've been dying for some of this wedding happiness and I am finally ready to share, but we have to go in order.
Last Thursday was the bachelorette party, and oh boy, it got a little crazy.
prettttty bride.
The evening began really lovely Sarah's life long friend Lane and sister in law Sarah cooked us a ridiculously delish dinner.
look at that cutie cook.
Then the boys picked us up and shuttled us all to the city.
Because we have Michelle who has ins everywhere we got into a club before it opened and had a straight dance party by ourselves and it was AWESOME.
Then some of the girls crossed something off their bucket list.. riding the bull.
she obviously wasn't happy we made her do it.
All in all it was a crazy night but a good night. Especially for a bunch of girls who never do this and had really no idea how to go about it haha.
The next day was rough, ya know only for me and Maria who had to get up and go to work while all the others slept, jerks:)
I'll share more wedding ventures with you later, along with some other happy updates.
xo j

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