Wednesday, September 14, 2011

inspiration station.

This weekend we went to The Clothesline Festival at the Memorial art gallery.
We met up with Miss Lisa Barker and walked around and looked at a lot of pretty things and saw a lot of wonderful people.
Lisa was recruiting people for Hearts and Crafts and knowing everyone (hehe), and Greg and I just walked around in awe of so many of the vendors.
We eventually got rained on a bit but we did not mind.
Greg and I both were SUPER inspired by everything. We both left with mental to do lists to work on. I love when we are both inspired and motivated at the same time, the encouragement push from one another really helps us reach our goals I think.
I also love that Greg is not even from Rochester but people know him because he made the animals at joe bean *heart flutter*.
Greg has got right to work on many of creative projects, I haven't got much done yet, but I have made LOTS of lists. Some of the things I will be working on you ask?
well I would love to share..
-I really do not want to lose my commitment to the blog while I'm back at school. I have been organizing and planning some new things for the fall so that I can try to stay consistent. I am excited to share many of these newnesses with you.
-I am getting my Etsy back up, actually I should say we are getting OUR Etsy up. This has been my plan for just about the whole year but I continue to let way to many things get in the way. I have been actively working on things for the shop. Lets do it.
-I do not want to just "get rid" of extra materials I have so I am been coming up with lots of ideas to repurpose things for friends.
-trying a new craft. I asked a friend for lessons. I shall update you as this evolves.
-making business cards. the more shows we do, the more people we meet, the more people say "do you have a business card?" or a "site?" I always timidly respond no, I have never been good a self promoting. I need to work on that.
I have a lot more on my list but my eyes are slowly shutting.
I will share more happy things with you tomorrow but for now I must go off to my dream land.
What has been inspiring you lately?
xo j

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