Thursday, September 15, 2011

living with littles.

I hope by now you all know I am slightly obsessed with my nanny kids. With this family I have become so much more than Miss Jessica, I have quickly adopted the big sister role. I think it has greatly to do with being in their home everyday, it is so different than seeing them at school. I am immersed in their lives, contributing to things that I do not usually get a say in when I am just teaching them. Things like what they eat, how much sleep they get, what they wear, helping them make good choices about homework, and even going to their sports games.
I definitely see the good bad and ugly, because in the home they are completely themselves, they do not hide behind their "being in public" rules. More prone to mood swings, sibling fights, and talking back for sure, but more than that we get to really experience life together.
Have serious discussions about school bullies, different kids of food, individual differences, and everything under the spectrum of life. I love watching their wheels turn while we talk and see them grasp a greater understanding of the world. It is a beautiful thing to watch.
Since last year Ashton has been very interested on "being green" after his class did a play on saving the planet. We talk about it often, including different things we can do on a regular basis.
So this past week Ash and I slung on our backpacks and rode our bikes to school. His house is only a few miles away from both his school and my school.
We really loved doing it! (yes I do try to be the coolest nanny ever) It worked out perfect because I got out of class just enough before his school day ends for me to bike over and get him. Besides almost the whole ride being uphill the only real thing we would change is carrying our back packs. Mine is SO heavy with my computer and all my books and for a fourth grader his is pretty heavy too.
ps have I ever shown you my car with the bike rack on?
It is pretty much the cutest thing ever. It looks like my baby car thinks he is as tough as the big ones. I love it.
We hope to make this a weekly thing before the snow comes.
Hope you have having a lovely Thursday, more after class.
xo j

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