Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Post Wedding Chaos.

On Sunday after the week of wedding hoopla, a low key lazy day was what we were hoping to have.
And we got it:) After much needed sleeping in, we had planned to go walk around at the public market where they were holding an arts and crafts festival.
Much to our delight our friends who were visiting from Boston decided to go with their family so we got some extra time with them. Along with Maria's brother, sister-in-law, and their awesome kiddos, who are always a good time.
There were lots of great people there, I wanted to buy more than I usually do. Greg keeps me under control though and I only picked up one "treat". Also I stopped by these two lovely ladies table who also do Hearts and Crafts and they said they were looking for me because they wanted to order dolls, how great is that? I drew up their dolls yesterday I am SO excited to make them next week.
After visiting with lots of great people who were selling, we all decided we were hungry and went out for a most excellent meal.
YUM! Tomato artichoke soup and turkey pesto sandwich and I ate every last bite.
I miss them already I was hoping to spend more time together but the wedding madness left me with not enough hours in a day. Guess Greg and I will just have to plan a trip to Boston soon, darn.
As for the this week, I am completely swamped. Nannying before and after school, homework, huge exam tomorrow, and a craft show Friday night, who led me to believe I could handle this? I'm off to study for a bit and then a wedding post for you.
xoxo j

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