Monday, September 5, 2011

school goodies giveaway

WOW! I never thought I could accomplish so much on a day off! Its incredible when you're back to a normal schedule in which your day is filled from the time you wake up until you go to bed, how motivated it makes you on a *free* day.
I wanted to share this with you last week but hey, its ready now so here goes!
In leu of me going back to school, it seemed only appropriate to do a back to school giveaway!
What is that you ask? Well I am giving away some little things inspired by school days.
Heres what you get..
this tote is made from recycled fabrics, perfect for carrying study materials or even would make a nice smaller market bag. I never said I was a bag maker, I did not use a pattern, you will be able to see it isn't perfect but I think that makes it all the more great:)
mapping a plan-
if you are an obsessive compulsive list maker like me I figure you might need a few little note pads to keep track of everything you have to do. Made from old atlas' and plain white paper.
cute clips-
who says being organized cant be cute. I made these little paper clips from fabric scraps and vintage ribbon. Perfect to keep things neat and tidy.
And there you have it, some little things to keep your school year stylish and inspiring:)
To win just leave a comment below,
Also if you haven't entered to win your own sweet dolly please do, here.
I will pick winners for both of these on Friday!
happy school days!
xo j

ps you dont have to be in school to win these goodies:)


  1. Pick me : ) your creativeness will add a sparkle to my organizational skills ~nikki. I love the cute bow clips. They'd look adorable all over my grad school books, and wedding planning magazines!

  2. So cute! Jess your creativity flow is a magnificent thing to behold time and time again!

  3. Love. I think that it's amazing how God blessed you with so much creativity. I especially love the paper clips!

  4. I definitely understand the such great feeling of being productive on a day off!
    And I love those paperclips more than I thought I could love an office supply.

  5. I love your work in every form. Sure hope I get to see some up close and personal.