Monday, September 5, 2011

seasons may change

When September 1st rolls around, theres one thing I am usually first in line to get..
pumpkin spice lattes
mm! they are my favorite and one of signs that fall is truly near.
I usually run out and treat myself to one the first moment they are available but I decided to be patient this year and wait to enjoy one with my love.
After a great weekend, we set aside Sunday to run our errands and stop and get our super tasty fall treats.
Babe got his iced (which I do not think I have ever done) it tasted just like pumpkin pie. I got mine hot, ya know the traditonal way:)
They were delish. My friend Joy made homemade ones last fall which I plan on attempting to save money, but the first one you always have to treat yourself to especially with your best friend.
I have no school today so I plan on catching up. I have a giveaway to post, more fun weekend things, and made even a DIY? hmm:)
see you later,
xo j

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