Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thursdays for Thought.

Happy Thursday Everyone!
Two cups of coffee are keeping me relatively motivated today, so I decided I would give you guys a "real" post.
If you have following the blog awhile you know my past year has been rather well, lets be honest, crazy. I feel I have truly learned what its like to feel like you've lost control of everything you knew and completely surrender to the unknown. It has hit the one year mark and now that I am back at school I notice that with the shift in life leaves me looking back and reflecting.
I have come to realize that in any situation when your norm changes one of two things will probably happen: you will either be super inspired or super depressed.
This is just my own personal evaluation but I find it to be true for countless situations.
I have been way more positive this semester it seemed still VERY motivated but as the weeks go, my sleepyness begins to ware on me, and the projects stack up, the easiest thing for me to possibly do is, complain.
I can find about one million things wrong in a day which leads to about one million complaints.
So how do I counter act this?
Well I was encouraged by a friend and mentor, Lara, earlier this summer to start logging the little gifts I receive in a day. You may think, gifts? There is no way I receive gifts everyday.
But I want to assure you, you are most definitely wrong.
These are not just physical gifts, these are life gifts. Gifts when you see it you feel as though that moment in time happened especially for you.
This is not something that you can sit down and do like homework you have to experience it in order to call it a gift. Keeping an account of your gifts causes you to look at life much differently and in turn will make you more thankful and less likely to
But of course you might notice that I passed over the word "summer". I should have started this long ago, but due to my OCD (and excuse making) I just basically refused to start it without the perfect journal I could solely dedicate to it.
I have been looking everywhere, when it finally hit me.
My dear friend Joy had commissioned Miss Lisa Barker to make a journal for my past birthday. I was so completely in love with it that I haven't been able to use it because whatever I wrote in I wanted to be equally matched in awesomeness.
I figured this project would be the perfect fit.
So here I go, my journey in accounting one thousand gifts.
I plan to share certain ones with you, they will be numbered as they are in my journal.
Here's to life and its beautiful gifts.
xo j


  1. this is awesome. super inspiring.
    it makes me want to do it too, but i have tried to keep many different types of journals for years and i always give up! sad.

  2. You should do it!!! i have many failed journals too (i think we all do). might i suggest keeping one small enough to keep in your purse? if its with you all the time you are SO much more likely to write something as soon as it happens! I hope you give it a try:)