Thursday, October 27, 2011

she may be young but she only likes old things.

Well life has been a whirlwind to say the least.
Monday was Greg's birthday! And I was so excited ready to give him the absolute best birthday ever.

I had a list of surprises I did not share with him until that morning.
But let me tell you I was the one who ended up getting surprised because on our walk this happened....
Yup. I'm engaged.
I had absolutely no idea. If you know me you know when I get nervous I tend to just talk more to try and ease my awkwardness so as soon as he got on his knee I started panicing coninually saying, "is this real?", "is this real?". Greg then said "babe, you have to let me talk". So I shut up and he said, "I know you had all these things planned for my birthday but all I really want is to be with you for the rest of my life." (I started crying) and then he said "Jess, I'm keeping you forever." Then we both cried a lot. Even his accomplice, my good friend Bethany, was crying while she shot all these beautiful pictures.

If you noticed the last thing on the list was to go out to dinner which I had obviously planned to be a birthday dinner, but happily turned into a mini engagement dinner. It was pure bliss to be holding the hand of my future husband and recounting the day with some of our favorite people.
(really I am so thankful you all were there to share this with us)

I am now in the process of planning a magical day which will be the start of a new adventure with my best friend. I hope you are ready for my journey into a very handmade wedding, I am really excited to share this whole process with you.
Love wins, I've always believed it,
xo j

Thursday, October 20, 2011

apples to apples.

I was super happy some of our Jersey loves could come up for a visit. It is my most favorite when people visit in the fall because there is so much to love about it!
We had the most wonderful weekend, I love how effortlessly everyone jives. It is simple and non stressful to have them here, they just want to go with our flow and be apart of our lives.
We crossed off another thing on my fall to-do-list, Apple picking! It was fun and ridiculously cheap, I got 14 pounds of apples for 7 dollars. Oh man, do I love apple season.
My little sister even joined us which I loved, she's just so cute.
kissing in the orchard, hehehehe.
new favorite picture of my sister and I
These are some of my new favorite pictures.
I'll probably just do a collective post of all our other outings. These just make my heart happy.
I'm knocking so many things off my list I love it.
I cannot believe tomorrow is Friday! Since I had no school Monday and Tuesday my week seemed so short! That means boy is coming tomorrow and we have a super full weekend. Not only do we have another lovely wedding to attend but it is my boys birthday weekend, yay!
I am working on my Thursdays for Thought, you might just have to get it Friday morning:)
xoxo j

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

favorite things.

some recent things that are inspiring me, re-inspiring me, or just currently loving.
afternoons with my littles
pie season
and more baking means more using all my pretty pyrex
this scarf has all my colors, I need it
where the wild things are (I watched it alone this afternoon)
and if you never saw the trailer just take a second to watch it, its beautiful.
these vinyls are on display at greg's school, I want them in my house.

seeing old dearly missed friends at school, even when its just blowing kisses through windows
this project inspired me immensely check it out to see all the beautiful things they made from paper!

I would love to actually own some of those things, especially the cassette tapes, I'm not sure why but I am super drawn to them.
I have some lovely things to share from my weekend when friends visited and some other things I have been working on, cant wait.
hope you have some favorite things keeping you smiling lately.
xo j

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

new doll pops.

Recently, I was lucky enough to have the privledge of making some custom dollies for the lovely ladies of Lilsville.
We met at the summer hearts and crafts, their booth is one of my favorites, seriously SO cute.
I ran into them at a show we went to a few weeks ago, they said they were looking for my booth because they wanted to order dolls, blushhhh. I did not have a booth, but I got out a piece of paper and they scribbled down their orders. The tiny details they gave me and how they each explained their daughters made me SO excited to make them, I felt like I knew them!
We met up last a little over a week ago to make the trade, they loved them and I was seriously thrilled!

Arica also sat with me and talked about selling handmade, gave me lots of wonderful tips, ideas, and encouragement, she seriously does not understand how grateful I was for the conversation. I felt really lucky to be involved in a community of people who are more focused on supporting each other, and helping mentor others to reach new goals rather than competition or money.
I hope their daughters loved them as much as we all did:)
more later,

Monday, October 17, 2011

DIY: Apple Banner.

This is a fun DIY I did with my littles a few weeks ago it was super easy and fun. I chose to do it last minute so I'm sure you could easily do it with things you already have at home!
1. fabric- I would suggest canvas or burlap. I decided to do this right before I picked the kids up from school there is no fabric stores where they live so I ran to the thrift store and found these placemats, hehe.
2. paint (we picked apple colors but you can do whatever you'd like)
3. twine, yarn, or any other sting you'd like.
4. apples! (I let each of the kids pick the one they wanted)
Extras: knife, scissors,paint containers, stapler/or/needle
1. cut up your fabric into small rectangles. the number you will need will depend on how long you want your banner to be, we made a pretty large one.
2. cut your apple in half, this will be your "stamp".
3. put paint into containers and make sure to really glob it on the apple.
(ps it also helps you just blot the apple with a paper towel before hand to get rid of some of the moisture)
4. center the apple and stamp away. (the kids loved this part!)
5. You'll need some time to set them aside to dry, we just left them out in the sun for awhile.
6. I think I would normally take a needle and weave the twine through each piece of fabric, but since I did this project on the fly they did not have one at the house. They did have a stapler, so we used that it was a lot quicker and is holding up very well.
After that hang it up and enjoy for the season!
[You could easily adapt this and just use paper, I would suggest construction or cardstock because computer paper would warp.]

I have more happy DIY's coming for you, they are a good mix of kids crafts and regular people projects, haha.
xo j

you grow up really crazy.

So we are still in process of renovating, but I just want to be blogging. So if you do not mind reading while my blog is a little messy, I will keep writing:)
This weekend was perfect, a wonderful blend of productivity, fun, and rest.
Saturday we made it a point to spend and entire day without going anywhere, no agenda, no time frames to balance, just a day to hideaway.
It was wonderful, though I couldn't sleep in because my blasted body clock is set for the crack of dawn, I had some coffee and cut out SO much fabric. And you know what's sad when you sit and drink your coffee and you cannot remember the last time you got to enjoy it in a mug instead of a to-go cup. That my friends means you are too busy.
After our most laziest day Saturday, we headed to the pumpkin patch Sunday with some lovely friends, crossing out yet another set of things from my fall-to-do list.
Sometimes in Rochester its sunny and raining at the same time, silly weather didn't stop us!
newlyweds first pumpkin picking, aw.
Obviously small pumpkins are basically lollipops.
the best doughnuts in the world which we stood in the parking lot to eat, hehe.
We ended up spending the whole rest of the day at Adam and Sarah's house chatting, nail painting, lego playing, movie watching and pizza eating, the perfect Sunday if you ask me.
I am on mid-semester break the next two days and really excited for everything I hope to get done. But of course I am starting it off right with a morning craft date with Miss Lisa Barker, and even her fabulous roommate Marisa Krol is joining us! yippie! (Marisa makes amazing metalwork jewelry, check her out!)
So I am off! with lots more to share later!
xo j