Thursday, October 20, 2011

apples to apples.

I was super happy some of our Jersey loves could come up for a visit. It is my most favorite when people visit in the fall because there is so much to love about it!
We had the most wonderful weekend, I love how effortlessly everyone jives. It is simple and non stressful to have them here, they just want to go with our flow and be apart of our lives.
We crossed off another thing on my fall to-do-list, Apple picking! It was fun and ridiculously cheap, I got 14 pounds of apples for 7 dollars. Oh man, do I love apple season.
My little sister even joined us which I loved, she's just so cute.
kissing in the orchard, hehehehe.
new favorite picture of my sister and I
These are some of my new favorite pictures.
I'll probably just do a collective post of all our other outings. These just make my heart happy.
I'm knocking so many things off my list I love it.
I cannot believe tomorrow is Friday! Since I had no school Monday and Tuesday my week seemed so short! That means boy is coming tomorrow and we have a super full weekend. Not only do we have another lovely wedding to attend but it is my boys birthday weekend, yay!
I am working on my Thursdays for Thought, you might just have to get it Friday morning:)
xoxo j

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